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We shaping a secure and integrated digital future by offering advanced network solutions, dependable data centers, and superior IT security services

Network Solutions

With our Network Solutions, we ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance, empowering your business with a robust and flexible network infrastructure.

Data Center

Our Data Center services offer a fortress for your information, featuring unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and scalability to support your growing business needs.

IT Security

For IT Security, we deliver robust protection for your digital assets, ensuring your data’s integrity and confidentiality with cutting-edge security measures.

Who We Are

About Us

PT Andes Lasea Kreasindo was established in March 2015, providing the best Networking Technologies, IT Infrastructure and Multimedia System.

Our commitment : provides a continuous excellence service based on trust to maintain long-term relationships, also providing the best solution and professional team in order to support growth of their business in this digital era.



Connecting clients worldwide with reliable expertise.


Premium Service

Our premium service delivers unparalleled expertise and personalized support, ensuring your IT infrastructure operates at its peak with exclusivity and excellence.


Cost Effective

With affordable pricing, we democratize access to top-tier IT solutions, ensuring businesses of all sizes can benefit from cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank.

Our Adventage



Powered by latest technology, our smart network solution generate insightful intelligence that empowers your organization to get more flexibility on every service


Observe to ensure no ‘blind spots’ and correct your network issue before they impact quality of experience or service


Equip your organization with optimal security or improve your security posture by trusting our solution to safe, monitor, and remediate your network


Unify connectivity across data center and branch even multi cloud infrastructure. Scale your IT services across multiple of sites, build and provision your branches network in minutes


We deliver capabilities and high-end products ensure best practice of your data center infrastructure and stable long-term performance


Offers leading technology to focus on the market needs and innovate to improve customer satisfaction

Our Market

We combine our extensive experience with a thorough understanding of your business needs to deliver high-quality and affordable solutions that work. Whether you are a start-up or an established player, Andes is your implementation partner of choice.

Working with network and customer technologies means we areable to deliver various supports to our telco customer...
Having the optimal enterprise technology in place is important to your operations, but implementing or optimizing a...
Our FSI solution provide secure and reliable systems to the clients to make your business run smoothly....
Data Center
Our data Center Solutions covering for efficiency improvement, monitoring and sustainable
Hospitality & Education
Delivering new approach technologies for learning, research, and teaching

Our Customers

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Our dedicated team of IT professionals and network engineers will work with you to understand your organizational goals, criteria, and budget to provide you with the best service and support. 

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